Master of Eternity




An SRPG with giant robots and anime girls


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Master of Eternity is a turn-based SRPG in which you play the role of a leader of a group of 'mecha' (giant fighting robots) pilots. The beings that pilot these mechas are called 'Pixies,' and they're all young women that you can enter into romantic relationships with.

The combat in Master of Eternity is typical of the genre. On your turn you can move and attack with each of your characters, keeping in mind that each robot can move a certain number of spaces and unleash a series of unique special attacks. Some of them are strongest up close, and others shine at a distance.

Between battles, Master of Eternity has an interesting and complicated story, where the real main characters are the Pixies. You can talk to them, establish links, and even start romantic relationships. Basically, it's a 'dating sim' within the story of the game.

If the story mode and dates with the pixies aren't enough, Master of Eternity also features a PvP mode in which your squad of giant robots can face off against others online. This is your chance to demonstrate that you are truly the best commander.

Master of Eternity is an SRPG with excellent production values, fantastic graphics, a great soundtrack, and excellent voice acting. It's a great game that's perfect for fans of manga and anime.

Requires Android 4.4 or higher